Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The Final Hour

Something big is about to happensomething bigger than you thought!

With all of the hype surrounding end times prophecy, this book cleverly reveals what God has planned for our generation. Many have sold themselves out to be closely connected to our creator; only to face challenges beyond their faith level. There is a reason for the turmoil and good news for those who need the power of God to intervene. God is building a church of enormous power—a church that will be an expression of God as mighty as the crucifixion of Christ. Look out devil!

Bible prophecy can be a difficult topic to study. However, the lesson in this book is uncomplicated. Learn the answers to questions about the end of this era from the most reliable resource we have—the Bible. This lesson gives answers to these intriguing questions:

  •  Why does it look as though the devil is winning?
  • What about your unsaved loved ones?
  • Will this generation see Jesus return?

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